Tent doesn’t have to be costly. Read these 6 tips

Do you own a castle and want to make it an ideal reception venue for weddings and parties? In addition to the rooms available inside the building, you can also set up an outdoor reception tent. Here are 3 very good reasons that the reception tent is the ideal structure for successful receptions in your area.

Greater reception capacity

If you have enough space in a large garden, patio or park, setting up a tent or marquee can be a solution to boosting your capacity to stay. ‘Home.

Indeed, this gives you the opportunity to offer your customers the choice between a closed space inside the castle, or an outdoor space, in which it is possible to come and go freely and enjoy the park or terrace. If necessary, having a reception tent in addition to the rooms available in your castle can allow you to host two different receptions on the same day.

A modular space according to needs

The reception tent has the advantage of being a sheltered space that protects against bad weather. The canvases are completely removable and offer the possibility of opening or closing entire sections of the building.

Inside, the use of the reception tent adapts to your daily needs! You can install a multitude of furniture (tables, chairs, columns, stands, electronic devices, etc.), and transform this space into a dance floor, dining area, lounge area, conference room, etc.

Depending on the number of guests expected, you can also choose to expand or restrict part of the reception Pole Tent space. Temporarily expand the area by renting a commercial canopy 10×10 tent or install partitions to separate the spaces.

A modern space that respects the setting of your domain

Do you want to set up a reception tent on your domain but you are afraid of altering its cachet? No problem! Reception tents, whether in their shape, cladding or frame, know how to remain discreet and elegant.

Thanks to a translucent or crystal tarpaulin, you can offer your customers the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking view of your domain and a foolproof natural light, while having a shelter.