Keep your dog cool with a cooling dog bed

Certain breeds of dog do not like the hot weather and have difficulty cooling down. Dogs have far fewer sweat glands than humans and find it very difficult to get rid of their heat. The only way for them to do this is by panting or through the pads of their feet. So when you are hot in summer, remember that your dog is even hotter. Keep man’s best friend cool by getting him a cooling dog bed at home or a cooling jacket or collar for the road.

Help your dog get through the hot summer

If you take your dog to the beach, make sure there is enough shade for your loyal companion and enough water for him to drink and swim in. When you notice that your dog starts panting a lot and becomes restless, this is a sign that he is starting to overheat. There is a special cooling dog bed for the road. The cooling gel in the bed ensures that your furry friend does not overheat on the beach. This way he too will have the day of his life! Are you staying at home this summer and don’t have a luxury built-in swimming pool in your back garden like rich folks do? Then buy your own little pool especially for your dog. Your dog will be happy to use it. Maybe he’ll even let you enjoy it at times.

Everything for your dog

Your dog is your best friend. He is always there for you. If you are sad, he will comfort you, if you are happy, he will be even happier! Therefore, do not forget to take good care of him. Besides his daily meals, he needs a lot of attention and love. Playing with him with the nicest toys, walking with a good harness and leash. But also take care of him medically, like giving him a worm cure or extra vitamins when he needs them. Dogs can’t brush their own teeth. Fortunately there are special chewing bones for sale. And does your dog want to go inside after swimming in his own pool? Then put his towel cape on him! He will feel like a superhero and your house will stay clean and dry!

Other pets at their beck and call as well

Of course, it is not only your dog that you take such good care of. Your sweet and lovely cat is also well taken care of and spoiled with good food, the nicest toys and the best remedies against worms, ticks or hairballs. Nothing is as annoying as a fresh hairball on your just-cleaned floor. If you want your favourite pets to live to a ripe old age, make sure you give them the best care you can. And you can!