Six of this year’s top jewellery trends

2019 is the year for interesting new styles and classic designs, with something for everyone. Here’s a look at six of the top jewellery trends adding a sparkle this year.

1. Make it personal

Personalised pieces are more intimate, and this year they’ve been given a make-under. Styles are simple and understated for a touch of elegance mixed with a folksy feel for casual wear, with a particular focus on initial charms for a playful but meaningful appeal.

2. Statement pieces

Think bigger, bolder necklaces and chains. These statement styles are eye-catching but they’re also empowering for the wearer. Chunky pendants and oversized earrings are also a quick, easy way to add personality to your wardrobe and to make simple outfits, from t-shirts to maxi dresses, pop.

3. Written in the stars

Heavenly styles are on trend for this year, with stars, Zodiac signs and constellations providing a whimsical, almost magical addition to jewellery boxes. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets are featuring these delicate star-based designs that add sparkle and a dash of mystery to any outfit.

4. Golden delights

Yellow gold had fallen out of favour for the past decade in place of rose, platinum and white gold, but this traditional metal is making a comeback for 2019. Yellow gold adds a warm, classic touch to any outfit for a vintage edge that’s sophisticated and beautiful. Even Welsh Gold, which many people hadn’t even heard of before, has been cultivated as a trend since Megan Markle’s royal wedding.

5. Layering it up

This contemporary style is going up a notch following 2018, with more layers and increasingly eye-catching combinations. Bracelets and necklaces alike are being layered with extra styles and material combinations for a casual, boho chic appeal. Layered jewellery can allow the wearer to be creative, and it gives a bold, yet carefree, fun and youthful vibe. This effortlessly stylish look pairs perfectly with summery maxi dresses, and you can view our maxi dresses collection at AX Paris.

6. Engagement rings

The royal weddings have helped spur the inspiration behind the mix of modern and classic styles that are hitting most wanted lists. While the diamond solitaire continues to be popular, fresh styles with coloured gemstones and square cuts, along with the contemporary halo ring, are becoming increasingly sought after.