What You Need To Consider When Buying Jewels As Gifts For Your Friends

Buying a jewel as a gift for your friend can be difficult. If you select the wrong one, your friend may look clumsy, unprofessional, and unpolished. On the other hand, the right jewelry can accentuate her look and make her feel great. Jewelry is like an excellent spice. It compliments someone’s look and may give elegance to boring attire.

To buy your friend the best birthstone jewelry that matches their outfit, style, look, and personality, there are several things you need to consider. This article highlights some of them.

  1. The Occasion

Gifts are mostly bought during occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. Before you find your friend a jewel, you need to know the events where it will be used. It’s true that we live in times where style rules aren’t taken seriously like in the past. Despite this, you need to buy jewels that your friend can use on almost any occasion.

However, if you prefer buying jewels for a specific occasion, ensure you select the right one. Oversized rings and many bracelets may be inappropriate to wear while working because they may make it difficult to type. You don’t want to buy your friend an accessory that’ll attract too much attention if they attend a wedding or someone else’s birthday party. Therefore, it’d be best to ask your friend the type of jewels they’d prefer you to buy them. But if you want to keep your gift as a surprise, you can consult her spouse, children, or family members, to find out what she likes.

  1. Skintone

Though it’s vital to select jewelry that can match most of your girlfriend’s outfit, you also need to consider her skin tone. Cool skin tones would look more attractive with purple, blue, and red gemstones that match perfectly with white, silver, or golden metals. On the other hand, a warmer skin tone would look more beautiful in shades of orange, green, and yellow jewels.

  1. Outfit Color

Knowing the color of your friend’s outfit may be quite difficult. That notwithstanding, there are some rules you need to know when buying accessories to match her outfit. Any stylish and chic color will do if you intend to buy jewels for white or black clothing. Primary and secondary colors opposing each other may make your friend’s outfit convey a bold fashion statement. But if you want to play safe, it’d be best to choose colors that match most of your friend’s outfits.

  1. Scale

It’s crucial to consider jewel sizes when buying them. If your friend has outfits with loud prints, buy her minimal and understated accessories. Embellished garments and ruffles also need small-sized jewelry. The other thing you want to keep in mind is their body physique. If she’s short, don’t buy her jewels with long straps. Also, if they’re thin, a slouchy bag would do. You need to consider your friend’s body size and style before settling for any jewel if you don’t want to interfere with their mood and personality.

The Bottom-line

Accessories can be perfect gifts for your friends. They may help to change their look and accentuate their beauty. However, before selecting the right jewel for your friend, consider the occasion, skin tone, outfit color, and scale.