What men should be wearing in the office this winter

It can be hard to dress for the office in winter when the temperatures and conditions outside may be very different from those seen indoors. The key is to fuse fashion and functionality and make the most of these top tips.


It is far more warming and practical to wear several thin layers instead of just one thick layer. Start off with the thinnest layer and work your way up for maximum convenience.

When topping your Farah shirts with a sweater, for example, make sure that the outer hems cover the inner layers and try to stick to similar neutral shades to prevent clashing.

You don’t want to detract from the style offered by items from such retailers as https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah, so keep an eye on the overall effect. You don’t want too much bulk that could make you lose the smart and tailored silhouette you seek. You should also keep shirt collars inside your knitwear for a smooth, unfussy look.

Shirts and tops

Go for a long-sleeved shirt as a base layer and consider fabrics such as denim or flannel if you need extra warmth. Read more about the importance of maintaining the right temperature at https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/keep-warm-keep-well/.


This middle layer is your primary insulation tier. Choose your style from chunky jumpers or open cardigans. A cashmere sweater is also a timeless choice that never fails to look chic, especially if you choose a V-neck with space to show off a great tie.


Choose neutral, plain colours for maximum versatility when layering. Opt for slightly thicker fabrics for warmth, and go with skinny or slim-fit styles that can be tucked into boots when you go outdoors.

Suits and blazers

Maintain the professional look even when it’s freezing outside by topping your shirt and sweater with a blazer or suit jacket. Ensure that colours match and choose a fabric that will keep you comfortable and warm. Wool blends or tweed are always good choices.


Don’t be afraid to keep a change of footwear in the office so you can swap a sturdy pair of Chelsea boots for brogues once indoors if you like.


Choose a neutral shade to allow for maximum versatility and prevent clashes with shoes, for example. A double-breasted overcoat or a belted trench can really enhance a high-end look.