Is The Machine Embroidery Business Profitable?

If you’re planning on starting up an embroidery business you can easily make it profitable in the first year. However, like any business, you’ll need a proper marketing strategy and of course high-quality machinery.

But if you’re looking for a creative outlet why not source a custom embroidery company? You can learn a timeless skill that can turn your embroidery stitching into magical works of art.

That being said the machinery embroidery business isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Even with the change of technology, fashion trends and art, embroidery will remain the perfect stitching art form for many years to come. And here’s why.

Embroidery Has a Large Customer Base

Businesses, schools and even sports teams prefer to have embroidered logos & patches. Printed images work but they’re not as durable. Using printed images peel and crack over time so when this happens uniforms will have to be replaced which isn’t cost-effective.

Using embroidery for logos and images has been sourced by companies for many years especially for corporate, school & sports uniforms. But they’re not only meant for formal attire.

Embroidery has also been used to make patches for the motorcycle industry. Motorcyclists wear leather as a safety measure when doing extreme sports such as off-road biking. Leather is the type of material that works well with embroidery.

The art of embroidery is also used to make patches for bikers. The patches are sewn onto leather jackets and these jackets are called “colours”.

Embroidered patches can also be sold to fabric and art shops using novelty images of cartoon characters children will love.

Will an Embroidery Company Be Easy to Market?

Doing embroidery is a service many people need. It will definitely be easy to market your business if you follow a proper marketing strategy.

The wonderful aspect of embroidery is many industries source stitching companies for logos and different designs on uniforms & clothes. So you won’t run out of prospects when searching for new business.

There are many ways you can source new business but ensure you know exactly who your client base will be. Write down a list of places that could potentially need your embroidery services and then grow your network.

The best way to grow your network is by advertising your artwork on any platform that’s visible to many people. These platforms include the following:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy
  • Instagram

Be sure to use platforms that show more visual advertising. Twitter can also help to grow your network but it’s more for communication and customer service.

YouTube is a platform where you can show your audience what you do and how you do it. Be sure to link all your websites and contact details when posting on these platforms. This is so people can contact you directly if they need your assistance with custom embroidery work.

Can You Do Embroidery on Any Item of Clothing?

Embroidery is quite versatile because you can use it on virtually any type of fabric. Here is a short list of the most popular ways people use embroidery for their items of clothes and accessories.

Embroidery Creates Brand Awareness

The art of embroidery is something most businesses use to create brand awareness. Company logos or slogans are stitched on to items such as tog bags and caps in the correct brand colours & designs.

Companies place their logos on items that are used regularly in public to create word of mouth advertising. Embroidered items such as bags, caps and shirts are more aesthetically pleasing & it’s durable.

Novelty Embroidery for Teens

Some teenagers have unique interests so finding items they love in shops can be difficult. In these cases, they will source an embroidery company to stitch images, slogans and logos onto items of clothing or accessories.

The most popular items would be hoodies, beanies and bags. Some subculture items from favourite TV shows, music and games aren’t often sold in retail stores so teenagers go the DIY route. Often they will source their own images and provide their own item to be stitched.

This is an excellent way to get your embroidery business advertised via word of mouth. Teenagers will wear the items around friends. The friends will most likely ask the individual where they got their novelty items from. The services of the custom embroidery company will be mentioned which will bring in more DIY teenagers who will want novelty items made.

Personalised or Branded Gifts

As mentioned before embroidered items are more aesthetically pleasing and durable than prints. This means it’s the perfect art form for personalised or branded gifts. This is particularly important if you’re using certain materials such as cotton-polyester for towels or silk for clothing.

Personalised bathrobes are popular but you can’t use plastic printing on this type of fabric. This is because it will crack or peel off over time due to the constant exposure to water. Stitching names into towelling material is more ideal and it will last longer.

Other branded or personalised gifts include the following:

  • Bags
  • Shirts
  • Jackets
  • Umbrellas
  • Cooler bags

Final Thoughts

The only expensive aspect of starting up an embroidery business is the cost of the equipment. However, depending on your pricing per item, you can easily make your money back in a year.

Or if you simply want to learn the artwork, send your resume to a custom embroidery company such as The Embroidery Guys. They’re a reputable custom embroidery company based in Sydney that will teach you the art of the trade.