How to choose a diamond necklace

How to choose a diamond necklace to make a gift that will please for sure? There are many different types of women’s necklaces, of various lengths and with very diverse precious materials. So are you rather diamond necklace or gold and diamond pendant? Discover all our tips for choosing a beautiful jewel that you will wear proudly around your neck.

Different types of necklaces with particular lengths

The way you want to wear your necklace will determine the length of it, as well as its style. It is therefore up to you to determine if you like to wear your jewelry to the neck or with more or less amplitude. Here are the main types of necklaces you can choose from our online jewelery store, from the shortest model to the longest model.

The choker is the model generally chosen by women. Its length generally varies between 35 and 40cm depending on the size of your neck. As the name suggests, the choker is worn very close to the base of the neck. If you are used to wearing small blouses, this type of jewelry is perfectly suited.

The Choker necklace is a Tahitian pearl or white pearl necklace, worn near the neck. The length of the Choker is about 40cm. This type of women’s necklace can be worn with all kinds of outfits, and will be highlighted by a light cleavage. The chocker collar offers more flexibility around the neck than a choker model.

The Princess necklace is slightly longer than the previous two models, with an average length of about 45cm. The Princess necklace falls gently on the top of the female bust. This type of jewel is worn with an outfit that leaves the throat free, or over a sweater.

The necklace is a classic model for women. He descends more on the bust than the Princess necklace. The length of the necklace jumper generally varies between 50cm and 60cm. Also called Matinée necklace, this mid-length jewel is very elegant. The length of the necklace jumper makes it a real fashion accessory to highlight with a small tailor for example.

The Opera necklace measures approximately 65cm. It is certainly the perfect necklace to wear with a formal wear. This is an upscale jewel that you will be proud to wear on special occasions.

The long necklace is the emblem of the 1930s. Popularized by Coco Chanel, the long necklace has a length of 90cm, see more. You can wear it on a single row or doubled if you wish. The long diamond pendant designs remain a luxury jewel with extraordinary style.

A diamond necklace for every desire

There are many necklaces of diamonds, shapes, sizes and colors. Now that you know the different types, you can discover diamond jewelry.

The diamond necklace offers a solitary diamond worn at the neck. The diamond can be set with four claws in 18-carat white gold. You can also choose a closed diamond necklace. The weight of our set diamonds ranges from 0.10 carat to 0.50 carat. The cheap nylon diamond necklace is a very elegant feminine jewel that can be worn with a “V” collar or dress at the shoulders. The nylon fishing line is very discreet around the neck, giving the impression that the diamond floats on the skin. Our collection of diamond necklace pendants on transparent wire allows you to choose the jewel that fits your expectations and your budget. Do not wait any longer to order your diamond invisible wire necklace.

The classic diamond necklace is a luxurious jewel for women looking for elegance and refinement. The diamond necklace can be worn flush with the neck, or with a little more flexibility. The diamond gold necklace has a claw set or a set seam. The set with four gold claws has the advantage of letting the light through, which enhances the brilliance of your diamond. If you want to focus on safety, you can choose a closed diamond necklace pendant. The solitaire diamond necklace is a jewel of prestige, which declines from 0,10 carat to 0,50 carat to see even more if wish an imposing and very beautiful stone. We offer a wide choice of diamond jewelery to offer cheap diamond necklaces, as well as prestige diamond solitaire pendants at a reasonable price.